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Help get books to kids who need them.

Make a difference in the effort to overcome the educational opportunity gap.

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What we do...

Kids Read America is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization advancing child literacy by providing cost-free books and reading materials to kids in under-resourced and economically disadvantaged communities. We believe owning and reading books sets a strong foundation for learning and future success.

Did you know?

61% of low-income families have no books within their homes for their children. 

Let's fix that together.

Storytime Library Project

Reading In a Bookstore

Storytime fosters interest and enjoyment in books and storytelling. Children preschool through third grade participating in a Kids Read America sponsored StoryTime event receive a free copy of the Storytime book to enjoy and add to their home library.

Home Library Project

Little Girl Reading in Bed

The Home Library Project connects kids with books that interest them through a reading interest survey. New and gently used kids' books are collected, cleaned and distributed at schools and other community spots. 

Pop-up Library Project

Smiling Girl with Book

New and gently used kids books are collected, cleaned, and placed in public spaces and businesses as unmanned Kids Read America mini libraries to encourage reading. Kids may borrow a book, return it when they’re finished, or replace it with another book instead.

Classroom Library Project

Teacher & Student

The Classroom Library Project collects, cleans and places new and gently used reading level appropriate kids' books in classrooms of K-5 grade levels to increase accessibility and encourage reading. Books are chosen through collaboration with teachers and students of each grade level. 

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